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Book Boon

Now that Flatworld Knowledge has jumped the shark, we need to suppor the companies that are staying true tho their promises of keeping free things free.

And So It Begins… HMH faces bankruptcy.

The open text movement is gonna kill em, as well it should. Their business model is outdated and being eaten by the real experts: the educators who are starting to figure out that you don’t need to be a professor to make great content. Thank you Apple iBooks Author for kickstarting that movement!—TBH

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers Inc has reached a deal with more than 70 percent of its creditors to cut $3.1 billion in debt as it faces a lagging textbook market due to drops in educational funding. The publisher said it plans to restructure through a pre-packaged, court-supervised Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Free Learning: Essays on Open Education

New eBook by Stephen Downes:

“There is a story to be told about open source, open content, and open learning from the point of view of the person desiring access to these things, rather than from the point of view of the 
provider. And it has been my steadfast (if I may say so myself) setting of the priority on access that draws out and clarifies this alternative perspective on free content,free software and free learning.”