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Ideas From a Busy Bee: Mail Call Monday- Tim Holt

Guest Blog Entry that I wrote for Andrea Keller’s excellent blog “Ideas from a Busy Bee.” You should be reading this blog on a regualr basis. Every Monday, she tries to get a guest blogger to share. What a cool idea. It was my turn this Monday!  Andrea is one of those teachers that every administrator wishes their entire campus was filled with: Energetic, willing to try new stuff, willing to put herself out there and share. Thanks Andrea for the opportunity! 

From the blog: 

I love the ability to be connected with some amazing people through plurk, twitter and facebook.  My PLN offers a wealth of knowledge and ideas.  I have had the chance to meet Tim Holt several times (and I LOVE following his twitter feed @timholt2007)  Tim has recently released a book about making professional development relevant for administrators and educators.  I am SO excited that he his my guest blogger today! I will have another follow up blog soon of my review of the book (which I have LOVED so far!)

When the Conversation Stops Start Asking Questions!
Tim Holt
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