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Some technology schools should stop buying TODAY - Home - Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk Blog

What would you add to this list? 

from the article:

I would question not just the need for stand alone cameras. Tablets are on the verge of replacing:

  • Interactive white boards (Apple TV or Reflection will project the iPad screen on which the student or teacher can display work.)
  • Student response systems. (PollEverwhere, Socrative, and GoSoapBox are among the programs that use tablets or cellphones instead of “clickers.”
  • Document cameras. Point the tablet camera at the object and project. iPad stands are under $20.
  • Graphing calculators. Use an app.
  • GPS systems. Built into phones and tablets.
  • Labs. Unless one doing high end video editing or copious amounts of keyboarding, who needs a desktop or full-sized keyboard? List three features in Word that you’d miss if you only used GoogleDocs.