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Five Inspirational Blogs for Educators: Powerful Learning Practice

I really like what Sheryl Nussbaum Beach is growing over at Powerful Learning Practice. The company is becoming a voice for professional development done right.Here is a copy of a recent communication she sent out.—TBH

There is a lot of noise out on the Internet these days. The competition for our attention is not only overwhelming at times but holds the potential of drowning out the depth of understanding, open reflection and the time to apply what we are learning to the work we are doing. So as a way to help save time and filter some of the noise I wanted to share a few blogs that actually keep me on track, inspired, and hopeful about the present (and future) of education.

1. Voices from the Learning Revolution - This blog is where voices, strong voices from our Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) communities, tell their stories about connected and shifted learning. What I love about this blog is that it isn’t about us (PLP) as there is zero marketing, but about the collective us (the educators and schools) who share a powerful vision about the future of learning.

2. View from the Nest - Bill Ivey is Middle School Dean at Stoneleigh-Burnham, a small independent school for girls in grades 7-12 located in Greenfield, MA. Bill’s writing about social justice and gender equity is eloquent, compelling and compassionate. And his reflections on daily school life are enriched by his humor and humility. I’ve been involved with Bill in several virtual communities over more than a decade — he’s a servant leader and a bridge builder between the often isolated worlds of public and private education. Bill’s posts appear in the SBS group blog.

3. Bridging Differences - Deborah Meier and Diane Ravitch have found themselves at odds on policy over the years, but they share a passion for improving schools. Bridging Differences offers their insights on what matters most in education. The diverse perspective is why this blog is a must read.

4. Teacher in a Strange Land - Nancy Flanagan relentlessly advocates for the teaching profession and the central role teachers play in sustaining a democracy. Her Education Week Teacher blog is one of the best-written in the blogosphere: it’s often lyrical, always insightful, and sometimes spitting mad, as she deconstructs naïve or spiteful education policies that damage schools, teachers and ultimately kids. In her career, Nancy taught music and band (K12) for 30 years, earned National Board Certification, and was named a Michigan State Teacher of the Year. Nobody describes the complex work of teaching better. 

5. What Ed Said - Edna Sackson is a teacher, a learner, an inquirer and a blogger from Melbourne, Australia, She and her students have collaborated globally as connected learners. Edna has a passion for learning more about self organized learning environments. In 2011, she was nominated best individual blog 2011 for the Eddies.

Is this how your top 5 list would look? Am I missing one of your favorites? Reply and let me know!

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach & the Powerful Learning Practice family