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Your Career Tombstone

We all come to the end of our careers sometime. 

Whether by choice or not is another thing, but we all get there eventually. 

What would happen, I wonder, if each school had a graveyard for the teachers,administrators, and staff that worked there? I mean and actual graveyard, where the careers of the teachers are laid to rest.

If someone had to make your career grave marker, what would it say?

What would be on the tombstone of those teachers?

Would it say they made a difference?

Would it say they changed the world?

Would it say they were they touched lives?

Or would it say they were the first out of the parking lot after the bell?

Would it say they retired from work about 5 years before they actually retired form work?

Would it say he was just there for the paycheck?

I think we all need to sit back and think about our legacy. Who do we affect in our education lives? Do we affect them positively? How do we know?

I was talking to someone the other day about teachers that negatively affect students. The ones that turn them off to subjects. I wonder what their grave marker would say if their students had to write it?

What would your say?

How about making one? 

Go to this website:  http://www.jjchandler.com/tombstone/

So, make your tombstone. Post it below. Explain why you made it that way.

Here is mine: